• Gain insights into your operations with autonomous indoor drones

  • Prioritize drone safety with Failsafe by Verity

  • Create magical moments with autonomous indoor drones

  • Gain insights into your operations with autonomous indoor drones

  • Prioritize drone safety with Failsafe by Verity

  • Create magical moments with autonomous indoor drones

autonomous indoor flights since 2016


Verity achieves 200,000 autonomous indoor flights

Verity CEO and founder Raffaello D’Andrea and Verity external board director Mick Mountz are inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for their work on Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics).

Verity Studios sets a Guinness World Record in partnership with British Telecom for the largest number of drones flying simultaneously indoors.

Over 1 billion people see 88 costumed Lucie micro drones fly in the CCTV New Year’s Gala.

Verity creates a reference design of Failsafe on PX4 to simplify implementation for drone manufacturers.

Verity raises 18 million CHF in Series A funding from investors, including Fontinalis Partners, Airbus Ventures, Sony, and the Alumni Venture Group.

Achieves 100,000 autonomous flights.

Verity Studios launched Lucie micro drone costumes, paving the way for new creative possibilities.

Verity Studios launches its flagship product: the Lucie® micro drone.

Lucie micro drones tour with Metallica, marking the first autonomous drone swarm for a major touring act. Lucie micro drones perform for the first time aboard a cruise ship.

Verity Studios produces the world’s first indoor drone show for the official TED conference.

Autonomous Stage Flyer drones perform in Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour on Broadway. This also marks the first commercial deployment of Verity’s Failsafe drone safety technology.

The first autonomous drone flight using Verity Studios’ live events indoor positioning system takes place.

Verity raises 3 million CHF in seed funding.

Verity is founded by Raffaello D’Andrea, with co-founders Markus Hehn and Markus Waibel.

10 quadcopters perform in the short film Sparked, a collaboration with Verity Studios, Cirque du Soleil and ETH Zurich.


Raffaello D’Andrea

Founder and CEO

Raffaello D’Andrea is a robotics and AI expert, an entrepreneur, an artist, and a professor at ETH Zurich. Prior to Verity, he co-founded industrial automation company Kiva Systems, which was sold to Amazon for $775 million in 2012 and later re-branded as Amazon Robotics.

He is the recipient of the 2015 Engelberger Robotics Award for Technology and the 2016 IEEE Robotics and Automation Award. His TED and research videos, with tens of millions of views, have offered an inspiring view into the world of engineering, robotics, and computer science.

In bringing autonomous indoor drones to the world, Verity combines his passions for technology, entrepreneurship and the arts.

Team Verity

The Verity team is made up of people from all walks of life. With over 20 nationalities in a team of around 70 people, we are entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, business professionals, computer scientists, and designers working together as one. Many members of our team hold one or more advanced degrees and have experience working with innovative technology brands, including GE Aviation, Intel, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple.

This experience is further strengthened by Verity’s board of directors, which includes Verity CEO and founder Raffaello D’Andrea, Fontinalis founder and partner Chris Cheever, and Kiva Systems (Amazon Robotics) founder Mick Mountz.


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