Fly safer with Failsafe by Verity

Make drone safety a top priority with a software upgrade

Introducing Failsafe by Verity

Safety is a key consideration for all drone manufacturers

Our shared commitment to safety has resulted in options like redundant propulsion units, retrofitted parachutes, and lightweight vehicles.

Failsafe by Verity enables a new approach to UAS safety. This algorithmic approach significantly improves the safety and reliability of drones today, without additional hardware components that decrease MTBF and payload capacities and increase costs to manufacturers or end users.

Failsafe by Verity addresses the most common source of technical failures in drones. Using advanced control algorithms, Failsafe enables manufacturers to make any quadcopter redundant to propulsion system failures without altering their hardware design.

Designed for safer and more secure UAS operation

With a software upgrade, Failsafe by Verity enables a vehicle to fly on only two propellers. When a failure occurs, Failsafe enables a safe and controlled emergency landing, resulting in lower risk flights over populated areas, limiting damage to expensive vehicles, and ensuring data and payloads don’t fall into the wrong hands.

How Failsafe works

Failsafe Algorithms

Typically when a quadcopter loses a propeller, motor, or motor controller, it spins out of control.

But if Failsafe is installed, the sophisticated algorithms harness the highly nonlinear behavior of the spinning quadcopter to maintain control of the vehicle’s position in space.

The operator can then pilot the drone to a safe landing location or send commands for autonomous flight home.

Failsafe can be added to any quadcopter with only a firmware update. The basic requirements for Failsafe are rapid failure detection and sufficient excess thrust.

Failsafe Algorithm + Redundant Architecture

Combined with the Failsafe algorithms, Verity’s redundant architecture can be implemented to provide an extra layer of protection.

In simple terms, the architecture provides the blueprint to create two safe but low performance bi-copters that can individually remain airborne due to the Failsafe algorithms. When combined, the two bi-copters make a high-performance quadcopter that is robust to any single point of failure. This provides the safety of redundant propulsion units, without decreasing MTBF or increasing operations costs and complexity.

With Verity’s Failsafe algorithms and redundant architecture, the entire vehicle is designed with safety and reliability in mind.

Interested in making today’s drones safer?

Licensing and patent portfolio

For more information on the patents protecting Failsafe by Verity, please see the list of Verity’s patents and patent applications.

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