• Gain insights into your operations

  • Drive inventory errors to zero

  • Free your employees for higher value tasks

  • Gain insights into your operations

  • Drive inventory errors to zero

  • Free your employees for higher value tasks

Autonomous drone systems for warehouse automation

Gain insights to improve your operations with autonomous information gathering

Verity’s solution works in the background and autonomously collects information helping you manage your operations with actionable insights and reports.

Automate inventory management

Eliminate errors and cut costs

Verity’s cloud-based solution integrates into your inventory management process by continuously monitoring and identifying discrepancies between your WMS and the physical world. Our fully autonomous system enables cost-effective collection of accurate inventory data and provides timely and actionable insights to improve warehouse operations.

Reduce costs by 10x

Automate inventory tasks

Count 10x faster

Increase safety for your employees

It just works

Verity’s drones have completed more than 250,000 flights since 2014

Automation can be of immense value, but only if it works. All the time. With autonomous indoor drone systems deployed in more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide, Verity knows how to create extremely reliable solutions. Our world-class team has been pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight for over two decades and has deployed its systems in demanding, real-world conditions, across a variety of environments. Our solution has been engineered from the ground up for safety, robust performance, utmost reliability, and ease-of-use. Ask our clients. It just works.

Our clients

Trusted by global leaders

Verity is rolling out its solution with global leaders to improve their warehouse operations, enhance fulfilment metrics, and give them a competitive edge.

Verity’s autonomous drone system enables our clients to capture valuable information anywhere in their facilities, on demand, with sensing capabilities that extend well beyond inventory management. Be a part of the future of automation. Get in touch to learn more.

Hear from DSV and IKEA how the Verity solution performs thousands of fully autonomous flights in their facilities and improves their warehouse operation.